The Architects of Warfare

The hobbits: they are ordinary creatures that desire happiness and ordinary life. Bilbo Baggins is one of the oldest among the hobbits of Hobbiton. At 111 years old, Bilbo is wealthy and non-aging. He celebrated his birthday, at which he did an odd speech and a magic trick: he supernaturally vanished.

It was the ring that made it possible. He planned to leave for tranquility, and determined Frodo Baggins to be his inheritance. He promised to leave the ring for Frodo to acquire it, and for Gandalf to examine it; while he yearned for a life without disruption and without the ring he hid. He had a difficulty abandoning it, yet his character seemed to be more sensitive.

Bilbo is a symbol of humanity at war. Arguably, humanity is best when the whole desires peace and when is close to the earth, for the sake of the betterment of the society and the environment. Various philosophers brought up the thought because humans naturally crave selfish interests, like the current Bilbo. Hobbits are tiny and insignificant, yet those who are small aspires significance—potentiality, dominion, and impregnability.

Unfortunately, war is a compelling approach.

At war, individuals hunt destructive weaponries for their egoistic desires. Once they possess it, like the ring, it alters their selfhood. The peaceful may become bloodthirsty. The ring itself spawns temptation and responsibility, which calls great risks—yet, is hard to let go. Only the wise Gandalf prevented Bilbo from this; Gandalf needed to manipulate Bilbo’s emotions and remind him of the potential dangers of his ‘ultimate instrument’.

This may imply that both significant and insignificant creatures are lead by emotions, and not by rationality. This is the nature of mortals, the architects of warfare, who seeks infinite desires within their finite lives.


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