The Faustian Troglodytes

Reck repeatedly compared mass-man to inferior species. Viewing himself as a rare intellect within the barbaric German civilization, Reck attempted to convey this self-glorifying thought indirectly through the motif of offending those who are beguiled by Fascism.

Spengler, an influential philosopher of history to Reck, in his The Decline of the West, called the Western culture ‘Faustian’ (a reference to Mephistopheles for his appetite for interminable mental capacities and mighty supremacy). This expresses that the soul of the European-American world is characterized by a calamitous eager to attain beyond what is obtainable. The West would then unconsciously exhaust itself as it sinks unto unreality.

Reck’s realization of this ignominious culture leads to such a vehement, hostile condemnation towards the deluded humankind during the World War. To further elevate Spengler’s ideas, Reck emphasized continually that the mentality of modern people are akin to those of the primitive.

Hitler was identified a “Neanderthal man who has got loose from his chain,” yet is a dictator of desperate millions. This leaves a tyrannical conception, as it manifests that the totalitarian trusted as the heroic paragon to reinvigorate society, a lionhearted god, is paradoxically the ungodly villain that would terminate the life of his own empire.

The emperor of the Nazis, then, is an ape-like megalomaniac. Consequently, the disciples of a troglodyte are cavemen, which imply that mass-man lacks ethicality, rationality, equality, and charity, in an age when technologies are hazardous. Thus, as Reck remarked, the “symbiosis of technology and anarchy” are irreconcilable for harmony, as the development of war-machines progresses while the evolution of Homo sapiens reverses.

The apparent yet tendentious metaphor has an essential role in verifying Spengler’s theory that the world will be overindulged with military-overlords of what he regarded as ‘Caesarism’. Unquestionably, egomaniacal, armored primates with guns are terribly menacing.


The Retrograde of Reason

Hitlerism, to Friedrich Reck, is a virus that possesses the capability to obliterate both the natural and spiritual world of mankind. Irrationality is its nucleus, as this epoch of martyrdom marks the end of “five centuries of rationalism and free thought.”

The preceding half millennia embraced the Renaissance, Reformation and Enlightenment eras, in which illuminating ripples of innovative tides bore a brave new world, abandoning medievalism, through scientific innovations and axiological inquiries.

Its luminosity was then inversed into blackness by a degenerated philosophy: Hitlerism, in which imprudence is superior over rectitude, and virtuousness inferior to brutality. Irrationality have been imprisoned from the world of ubiquitous erudition, but Hitler ventured to be a heroic criminal—a corrupted Robin Hood—for the Third Reich, spawning the downfall of the Golden Era of thought.

“The writing on the wall in the palaces of human rationality,” or the burnished ideologies and esteemed philosophies of diverse intellectual-based worldviews, are in truth, destructible. Despite the meticulous quantification of the speed of light, the axiom is imperfect. Centuries were devoted to perfect it, but centuries also have progressed to furnish every individual with rationality. However, the principles of reason may plummet, inspected within Hitler, a leader furnished not with rationality, but a “spiritual vacuum.”

Reck’s regard on spiritual evolutions is of utmost importance for mankind’s history: that the psyche are the master of deeds; deeds the determiner of egos; egos the repute of humanity; and humanity the begetter of either its own demolisher or preserver. The lacking degree of spirituality will trigger erroneous usages of technology and philosophy, initiating the annihilation of habitats, the massacre of civilizations.

“Mass-man… can only exist in his self-made womb of corruption.” Affirmative: rulers may construct pandemic indoctrinations, as the Nazis, bearing young generations—the destined overlords.

The future, then, is fearsome.